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Dress Code

Wear Your Comfort at Bliss Aqua World Resort

For your safety and hygiene, following international standards, swimwear at Bliss Aqua World Resort must be made from 100% nylon or synthetic materials.

Why a Dress Code?

Our water park offers thrilling rides designed for maximum fun. Many rides involve motion or moving parts, requiring a specific dress code to ensure your safety. Loose clothing like sarees, salwar kameez, dupattas, churidars, shawls, or scarves could get entangled and potentially harm you or others. To ensure everyone’s safety, please avoid loose clothing while enjoying our rides.

Additionally, a strict dress code helps maintain water quality for all rides.

NOTE: If you have a nylon or lycra material swimming costume then you can wear that.

What's Allowed

For a comfortable and safe experience on our water rides, wear T-shirts, shorts, bermudas, capris, or swimsuits. All clothing materials must be 100% nylon or synthetic.

What's Not Allowed

Certain clothing items can pose safety risks and are prohibited on our water rides. These include sarees, salwar kameez, dupattas, formal wear (pants, shirts), burqas, shawls, scarves, school uniforms, jeans, cargo pants, loose clothing, and anything not listed as acceptable attire.

If you don’t have the appropriate swimwear, fret not! We offer affordable options for purchase at our park stores.

Avoid Low-Quality Products
Be cautious of low-quality materials and products sold by unauthorized vendors outside the park. We recommend purchasing swimwear from our park stores for a safe and enjoyable experience, all at reasonable prices.

Have a Fun-Filled Day!
We hope these guidelines help you prepare for a day of excitement at Bliss Aqua World Resort!